Available Courses


Active Shooter Instructor Certifications Course

Advanced AR-15

Arabic For Law Enforcement

Ballistic Shield Instructor Certifications Course

Bail Bond Recovery Agents Training

Basic Hand Gun Safety & Responsibility

Basic Urban Rifle Safety & Responsibility

Handcuffing Instructor Certifications Course

Cell Extractions Instructor Certifications Course 

Cell Search Instructor Certifications Course

Corrections Emergency Response Team Instructor (CERT)

Concealed Carry Level 1

Concealed Carry Level 2

Contraband Instructor Certifications Course

Control Tactics Instructor Certifications Course

Courtroom Security Instructor Certifications Course

CPR/First Aid and AED Training

Defensive Tactics Instructor Certifications Course

Expandable Baton Instructor Certifications Course

Side Handle Baton Instructor Certifications Course

Edged Weapon/Knife Instructor Certifications Course

Ground Survival Tactics Instructor Certifications Course

High Risk Transport Instructor Certifications Course

Instructor Development Certifications Course

Ankle and Waist Restraints Instructor Certifications Course

Loss Prevention Training

Vascular Neck Restrains Instructor Certifications (VNR)

OC – Pepper Spray Instructor Certifications Course

Pat and Frisk Search Instructor Certifications Course

Prison Rape Eliminations Act (PREA) Instructor Course

Security Officer and Security Supervisor Training

Self Defense Training

Tactical Pistol I

Tactical Pistol II

Tactical Rifle I

Tactical Rifle II

Electronic Control Devices Training

The Modern 1911

Urban Rifle I

Urban Rifle II

Use of Force

Weapon Retention Instructor Certifications Course 

Women’s Basic Handgun Safety & Responsibility

Women’s Self Defense






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