Bail Bond Recovery Agents Training


All applicants for a bail bond recovery agent license or endorsement must take the following training prior to applying for a Bail Bond Recovery Agent license:

This training include the following topics:

State statutes relating to bail regulations
Constitutional law
Procedures for surrendering defendants into custody
Procedures for exoneration
Civil liability
Civil rights of persons who are detained in custody
Basic principles of identifying and locating defendants to include public records and confidentially, and surveillance
Powers of a bail bond recovery agent. See Exams for a complete study guide referencing the appropriate civil and criminal laws.
Procedures for field operations

Training in use of force and degrees of force, including:

Safety techniques
Entering and searching buildings
The custody and transportation of prisoners including persons who are violent, emotionally disturbed or under the influence of alcohol, or drugs
Defensive tactics
Application of restraints/handcuffing procedures;

Firearm training is also included.

Less Lethal Options:

Taser M26/X26/X2 or X3
Baton – either expandable, straight stick, or side handle
Oleoresin Capsicum resin (OC)

Cost: $1000

Length: 5 Day

Required Equipment:
Duty belt/Vest/Kit
3 magazines
Eye and ear protection
500 rounds of ammunition
Baseball style hat

Optional Equipment:
Note taking material
Rain gear

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