High Risk Transport Instructor Certifications Course


In this course you would learn the follwoing:

– Route Planning and Analysis

– Concept and Principals of High Risk Transport

– Weapon Retention and Disarm

– Defensive Tactics

– High Risk Transport Operations: Arrival and Departure procedures, Down Vehicle Drills, Screening lanes and blocking intersections, communications, and carjacking avoidance.

– Basic and Intermediate Defensive Driving: Hands-on training using Vans, Crown Vics or SUVs in simulated high-threat environments including preserving the vehicle, vehicle recovery and self-recovery in various situations.

– Evasive Driving Skills: Collision avoidance; decision making drills, braking techniques, and skid control maneuvers.

– Ramming / Blow Through Techniques: Techniques to counter roadblocks, funneling, and carjacking.

– Counter Ambush Drills: Cover scenarios, vehicular break contact, Immediate Action Drills.

– Staggered Vehicle Formations and Direction Changes

– Down Man Takeover Drills: Vehicle recovery with driver incapacitated.

– Using a Vehicle for cover: Locations on the vehicle for maximum protection.

– Static and Mobile vehicle Counter Ambush Drills: Utilizing blank ammunition conducting necessary maneuvers.

– Force on Force Counter Ambush Tactics: Reinforcing the tactics and techniques needed while in opposition force scenario.

– Moving inmates/suspect or personnel from a downed vehicle in both mechanical (admin) failure and ambush scenarios.

– React to Ambush in both mounted and dismounted positions. Identifying and moving to safe havens and rally points.

– Isolated Vehicle procedures

– Communications

– Hostile environment anti ambush techniques

Equipment Needs:

– Duty Belt

– Mock Weapon

– Agency Handcuffs

– Athletic Wear

Special Instructions:

This class includes high impact physical training. Attendees should be in good to excellent physical condition.

Instructor Certification:
Cost: $500.00 Per Student
Length: 24 Hours

User Certification:
Cost: $400.00 Per Student
Length: 24 Hours

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