Pepper Spray Instructor /OC Instructor Training


Oleoresin Spray and Pepper Spray Instructor Course is designed to promote safe and efficacious selection and use of OC spray. The participant will learn and understand the situations that allow for the proper use of OC, tactics and techniques of OC application, proper means of instruction and testing, and theoretical background to analyze OC Products in order to make recommendations to agency administrators. Additionally the Participant will be aware of the probable medical implications associated with the use of OC spray.

The areas specifically covered are:

  • History
  • Composition
  • Anatomy of The Eye, Lungs, and Skin
  • Delivery Systems
  • Effects of OC
  • Use of Force issues
  • Tactics of standing and grounded OC application
  • Control Tactics Follow-Up Procedures
  • Clean-Up Procedures
  • OC Spray Selection
  • Practical Exercises

Instructor Certification:
Cost: $250.00 Per Student
Length: 8 Hours

User Certification:
Cost: $150.00 Per Student
Length: 4 Hours


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