Weapon Retention Instructor Certifications Course


Makes use of concepts, tactics and training methods from the aforementioned classes. Since an attempt or successful disarming of an officer is such a potentially deadly altercation this course is designed to train the officer to retain their gun in a wide variety of situation as well as immediate recovery of their gun should it be taken.

Firearms Retention/Recovery and Disarming Course.

Within this course the Participant will learn and understand the principles of handgun and long gun defense and disarming, targeting principles, proper psychomotor skills involved in their employment, and how the various components of Level Two and Three Tactics are applied to these serious and potentially life threatening situations. The Participant will understand the guidelines that allow for the use of this level of force, proper means of instruction and testing and theoretical background to analyze other similar programs in order to develop agency specific programs consistent with agency policies.

The subjects specifically covered are:

  • Overview F R/D Tactics principles, concepts and Statistics
  • Striking tactics and Drills
  • Training equipment needs
  • Handgun Retention
  • Long gun retention
  • Handgun Disarming
  • Long gun Disarming
  • Grounded handgun retention and recovery
  • Braced-Contact shooting principles and secondary weapons use
  • Disarm attempts and Use Of Force

This ourse is designed to promote techniques for self-protection that effectively and efficiently deal with aggravated-assault level resistors who are attempting to disarm the officer.

What to Bring:

Bring a fully-equipped duty belt and inert versions of the firearms carried on duty, to include both a pistol and long-gun, a duty version of Airsoft gun.  (Call for recommendations and information on purchasing such equipment)  Tape for wrists; elbow, forearm and knee pads; mouth guards; gloves; and a long-sleeved, light-weight shirt, are also required for participation.  You will also need to bring your department’s impact resistant suit such as FIST or Red Man type gear as well.  A video camera, tape, and power source are highly recommended.


Instructor Certification:

Cost: $500.00 Per Student

Length: 16 Hours


User Certification:

Cost: $200.00 Per Student

Length: 8 Hours


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